July 2018  
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Terrie Sullivan

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Terri has served as AZ WMU Executive Director since March 2005. Though originally from Ohio, she spent most of my life here in Arizona. She is agraduate of Grand Canyon University and attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. In addition to her work here she also serves as the Office Manager for Corona Baptist Church in Chandler.
Missions is Terri's passion. She loves teaching missions to people of all ages. She especially enjoys mission  studies where she learns about a specific country and the people. She has been on a couple of overseas mission trips - Panama and St. Lucia; She states "Her first memories of church as a preschooler were in Orleans, France, where my family was involved in the mission work as volunteers. There is something special about going into a neighborhood or park, sitting under a tree with a guitar,  singing the songs of Jesus, and then sharing a story from the scriptures."
"For leisure time Terri enjoys reading, crafting, and music.  She loves sitting down with a cup of gourmet  coffee or tea and reading a historical novel. Creating gifts and cards to share with people she loves brings her great joy.
Her music tastes are eclectic. She likes listening to Beethoven and Bach, singing along with George 
Beverly Shea, and singing gospel hymns and praise and worship songs that span the generations.